How do I choose a pickleball paddle?

How do I choose a pickleball paddle?

Choosing a new pickleball paddle is not easy! The more options you have, the more overwhelmed you can become. We all know that a new cutting-edge feature is released every day, and your paddle can be obsolete within a year. 

But don't worry; Kona is here to help! We not only develop innovative and unique paddles, but we also care about our customers and help them into the pickeball journey; we created a quick checklist of what you look into when buying a paddle: 



The weight of a paddle not only helps to improve your movements and balance the serve but also makes a difference if you have any prior elbow, wrist, or shoulder injuries. If that's the case, you should consider a lighter paddle to enjoy your game with no regrets tomorrow!  



The quality of the material will influence its performance. We recommend 3K Carbon and Carbon Fiber paddles. Carbon paddles allow quicker reactions and more precise control of the game; wooden paddles reduce the feel of the ball and make precise control harder. Besides that, Carbon paddles often feature ergonomic designs and advanced grip technology. In a nutshell, wooden paddles are not the best option!


Speaking of grip

Playing with a paddle with the wrong grip size for your hand is like running in shoes that don't fit. 

  • A smaller grip allows for more wrist action, making it easier to put spin on the ball and improve control. Increased wrist movement can also add extra power to your serve. 
  • A larger grip will help increase stroke stability while reducing wrist, elbow, and shoulder joint strain. However, playing for an extended time with a paddle handle that is too large for your hand can lead to an elbow strain, potentially causing elbow or joint pain.



Pickleball paddle shapes fall into three categories: wide, classic, and long. Wide paddles are shorter but more forgiving, with generous sweet spots. Long paddles provide better reach and a tighter sweet spot for excellent power. 

After reading this article, we hope you find the perfect Pickleball Paddle for your needs. And if you're still struggling to find the best provider, we have a solution for you: KONA

Kona is an innovative company passionate about delivering cutting-edge technology. It has been tested and approved by one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Gustavo Kuerten (GUGA). Check our inventory and find your next paddle. 

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