Who we are

Kona, get ready for great victories. 

We're a brand based in Miami with Brazilian roots (Florianópolis/BR). We started crafting beach tennis paddles and accessories and have sold more than 20 thousand paddles in the Americas and Europe. 

Kona offers maximum quality and performance in Pickleball gear and uses state-of-the-art materials and technology to develop products that meet the needs and preferences of the most demanding athletes. It doesn't matter if you a hobbyist or a pro: Kona will suit your needs.

From athletes to our design team: The development of each product is carried out in partnership with top professional athletes from national and international levels. Through suggestions, exhaustive testing, and numerous feedback, they guide everything from material selection to design and finishing. That's what makes our paddles special

We guarantee to provide you with speed, control, and power, regardless of your playing style. The same care for efficiency is applied to the design, focusing on ergonomics to ensure maximum strength, precision, and sensitivity in all your plays. Whether you are a beginner or professional player, get to know us and elevate your gaming with us.