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K-DOZE Blue Matte - Beach Tennis Racket

K-DOZE Blue Matte - Beach Tennis Racket

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The K-DOZE BLUE is developed with our premium 12K carbon, with Japanese carbon thread, 22 mm and 26 holes. The internal foam is EVA BLACK SOFT, providing more precision, control and power. The frame is made with Carbon-Tube, a tubular system that provides more rigidity, durability and homogeneity in the areas of the racket face, allowing a more precise hit. The distribution of holes in the racket generates better development of the hits. The balance of 25.5 to 26.5 cm leaves the racket very well balanced.

K-DOZE BLUE is signed by Leo Branco, athlete #14 in the World Ranking.


MATERIAL: 12K Carbon

EVA: Soft Black Eva

Soft Core - Anti Shock System:

HEIGHT: 50cm


WEIGHT: 330-340 g

BALANCE: 25-26 cm



Comes with protective cover

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