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K-DOZE Pink - Beach Tennis Racket

K-DOZE Pink - Beach Tennis Racket

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The K-DOZE PINK is made from our premium 12K carbon, with Japanese carbon thread, 22mm and 26 holes. The internal foam is with EVA BLACK EXTRA SOFT, providing a softer touch, giving more comfort and elasticity. Used by players looking for a balance between attack, defense and agility. The frame is made with Carbon-Tube, a tubular system that provides more rigidity, durability and homogeneity in the areas of the racket face, allowing a more precise hit. The distribution of holes in the racket generates better development of the hits. The balance of 25 to 26 cm leaves the racket very well balanced.


MATERIAL: 12K Carbon

EVA: Extra Soft Black Eva

Soft Core - Anti Shock System:

HEIGHT: 50cm


WEIGHT: 330-340 g

BALANCE: 25-26 cm



Comes with protective cover

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